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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  November 24, 2015 1:37am-2:07am EST

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>> oh, my god. >> jimmy: i told them to be ready. it's a good thing they were able to spell this one. [ laughter ] now, if you rearrange these letters you can spell sith. does that mean anything? sorry, i've been playing a lot of scrabble. >> you're mr. anagram. >> jimmy: you brought a clip with you. does it need to be set up? >> essentially all you need to know is this is very early on in the movie and these two characters, rey and finn, have just met and he was a storm trooper and abandoned his post and she is a scavenger in the desert of a place called jacu and the two have met and are now being pursued. >> jimmy: a clip from "star wars: the force awakens." >> we can't outrun them! >> we might. in that quad jumper. >> we need a pilot. >> we've got one.
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>> jimmy: it's our "star wars" special. you haven't seen these yet. hasbro made these. there's you and han solo attire, and there's me as princess leia. >> we are a cute couple. oh, no. >> jimmy: all right. our next guests span three generations of the force being with us. on december 18th their lives will change forever when "star wars: the force awakens" opens in theaters. please welcome adam driver, daisy ridley, john boyega, and carrie fisher. [ cheers and applause ] thanks for coming. great to have you here. so let me just go around and talk about how -- the moment you found out that you were going to be in the movie and the security
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>> i was like 19. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: how about you, daisy? you're also like 19. >> i was at the theater, and i hadn't been able to watch the first half because i was desperately trying to get in touch with j.j. because i didn't know how to call the u.s. i had to google it, all sorts of things. >> jimmy: you were at i aplay. >> yes. >> jimmy: i see. >> sew told me. and obviously i wasn't there for the whole first half. and i had to go in for the second half and not tell the guy i was with. >> jimmy: because it was a secret and you didn't trust him. does he now know you were keeping that from him during the play? >> no. >> jimmy: he does not. maybe he now does. adam, were you shooting "girls" at the time? >> yeah. it was the last day of the second season of "girls" and i got a call, do you want to meet j.j. and talk about "star wars"? yeah. yeah, i would. then it was just months of meeting and making, you know -- weighing it and taking time considering it. then jumping on board.
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anybody for how long? >> i feel like i still haven't told anybody. i didn't tell my wife anything. >> jimmy: tell john because he's right there. and he should know what's going on. >> j.j. spoiled it for my -- he assumed i told her everything but i didn't tell her. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> i get into it. >> jimmy: now you know you can trust adam. john, how about you? when you found this out, where was it? >> i was in a basement somewhere waiting for seven months to hear whether i got the part or not. and j.j. released me from absolute -- captivity? >> i was literally just waiting at home to see if j.j. would give me the part and he sent me the e-mail telling me to come to mayfair and meet him. i met him and larry kaz dann. then he broke the news sxo & to me and told me i got the part. it was a good day. >> jimmy: who was the first person you told this news? >> i told my agent, femmy. but i think the most interesting thing was telling my dad. i went home and was like dad, i've just been cast in "star wars."
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and he was like, oh, my god. you are in "star wars"? that is fantastic. i knew it. what is "star wars"? [ applause ] >> jimmy: he didn't know? >> he didn't know. >> jimmy: all your families had to be excited. did you pump carrie for information about the things that went on? a lot of crazy things went on in the original "star wars" movies. yes? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you were at the center of a lot of those crazy things. >> i started most of them. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: when you go back to playing the part of princess leia, now general leia, do you have to go back and look at one of -- >> and feel bad about how i've [ laughter ] >> jimmy: well -- yes. >> that's what i do at night. night. yeah. >> jimmy: i see. this is the -- is this the first >> yeah. that's what it was. >> jimmy: and j.j., looks like you had it in an ikea or something like that. >> we were on a stage at the studio, pinewood. you all got together? >> yep. >> jimmy: and you went through the script.
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by the way, did you give the script to the actors? >> yeah, j.j., did you? >> no, he didn't. >> not to carrie. [ laughter ] the actors had the script. but that was an amazing thing to see everyone together for the first time. because we had everyone in separate different rooms for months and then all of a sudden we put them all together and we were like crossing our fingers it would go well. and it was kind of an electric >> jimmy: when you have the script in your hands are you nervous about losing it? >> absolutely. i have to say, through the audition process we didn't get to take the script home. so we had to go to pinewood and learn our lines and then go home. i felt like i was living a double life, like batman. it was a real situation. so to have the script on the read-through -- >> you got to learn your lines? >> i did. >> and john came in like eight or nine times to audition. it was a long process. >> thank you, j.j. >> jimmy: eight or nine times? >> yeah, it was a long process. i feel guilty. >> jimmy: adam, you are in a helmet in the clips we've seen from the movie. do we ever see your face?
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because otherwise anybody really could have been you, i guess, huh? [ laughter ] you didn't even need to go. >> i don't know. i don't know if i can say. >> i will say that adam was amazing because there were certain things where in theory someone else could have been in there for a shot or two but adam was like no, i want to do every single shot. so he did. he was incredible. >> jimmy: that's a trouper. not a storm trooper but a trouper. yeah. [ laughter ] and daisy, for you this is your first thing, right? this is -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: i imagine you're of course excited but like are you fully aware of what you're in for? >> i don't know. it's kind of been a process this year. like obviously i've never had people going can you sign a picture of me? so that's to get used to. but i'm just pleased to be part of it. >> jimmy: are you all signed for other movies for the future films? >> don't know what you're
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>> jimmy: i really feel like i can't get -- carrie, you'll tell me everything. what happens at the end of the movie? [ laughter ] oh, no. what? really? wow. that's a hell of a light saber battle. [ laughter ] >> it involves nudity. >> jimmy: it involves nudity. wouldn't that be something, if you made an r-rated version of -- that would be -- >> can you imagine? >> jimmy: that would have been a becausy move on your part. since i can't get any actual information about the film from any of you, we're going to put you to the test here. you're going to play against a 7-year-old boy who knows an awful lot about "star wars." so we're going to have to put the nudity and the light saber talk to bed for just a few minutes. again, when we come back, the cast of "the force awakens"
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cc1 test message test text1 underline te >> jimmy: welcome back to our "star wars" special. it's time to pit the cast of
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against a very smart 7-year-old named arden in an intergalactic battle of trivia. it is time for "ard wars." wow. no expense spared with the graphics. our quizmaster tonight is j.j. abrams, director of the film. let's introduce the teams. to my left members of the cast. daisy ridley, john boyega, adam driver, and carrie fisher. team star wars. their opponent is the star of this particular war. he's a third-grader from here in los angeles. he is a bona fide genius despite the fact that he is no bigger than a womp rat. please welcome the dark lord of trivia, arden hayes. [ cheers and applause ] hi, arden. how are you doing, arden? are you excited? >> yeah. >> jimmy: should these guys be nervous?
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maybe. >> jimmy: yeah, maybe. are you going to crush them like some kind of rebel scum? >> yeah, maybe. >> jimmy: let's find out. a "star wars" character for halloween. and this is the character he dressed up as. that's a great-looking costume. [ applause ] who made that costume? your mom make that costume? >> no. i bought it. >> jimmy: you bought it. okay. very good. are you ready to play? >> yeah. >> jimmy: here we go. the teams are a little uneven. maybe we should have a teammate for ard. let's bring in a teammate for arden. arden, this is your teammate. [ applause ] the rules are simple. >> hi. >> jimmy: j.j., we'll go back and forth asking "star wars" trivia questions. you'll have ten seconds to answer correctly. if you don't answer correctly,
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your opponent will have a chance to steal. just like in the movie j.j.'s decisions are final. you're not allowed to argue with him. j.j., we're going to start with arden. that is our first question. >> here we go. what was luke planning to pick up at tashi station? >> the power converters. >> jimmy: the power converters. >> that's right. >> jimmy: that is absolutely correct. >> announcer: this is correct. >> jimmy: arden has 10 points. next question is for your cast. >> where did uncle owen tell luke to take the droids into to [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you have ten seconds to figure this out. >> so what happened, carrie? >> jimmy: carrie was in the original films. >> elmtree studios. >> jimmy: your answer is? >> borrowood studios. i was not on that planet. sorry. >> jimmy: let's give arden a chance. >> what was the question? >> where did uncle owen tell luke to take the droids into to have their memory erased?
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>> tashi station. >> jimmy: that is not correct. [ sound effect ] my god. that was terrifying. >> anchorhead. >> jimmy: anchorhead is the correct answer. i always feel like when arden gets one wrong it means we were wrong. all right. next question is for arden. >> who was red leader during the battle of ender? >> reginald telly. >> announcer: that is correct. >> jimmy: next question. >> in what detention block was one princess leia being held? >> i was unconscious for that part. so you guys -- >> i wasn't born. >> jimmy: any other excuses? what detention block -- >> 51. >> i answered. itas a-23. >> jimmy: yeah, it's a-23. but -- >> announcer: that is correct. >> jimmy: this is already an insurmountable lead. the next question goes to the
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>> how many skiffs accompanied jabba the hutt's sail barge? >> jimmy: how many skiffs accompanied jabba the hutt's -- >> seven. >> is that your final answer? >> yes. >> it is wrong. >> thank you. >> no! >> jimmy: arden, how many skiffs? >> two. >> that's right. >> announcer: that is correct. >> jimmy: arden, quick follow-up question. what is a skiff? >> well, it's like a thing that like has like -- i really can't explain it. >> jimmy: okay. >> but it carries prisoners sometimes. >> jimmy: okay. all right. the next question is for arden. he has a huge lead, 40 points. there's really no point in continuing but we are going to anyway. j.j.? >> during the battle of yaven yaven jek porkins was assisted by which droid? >> r5-d8.
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>> that is correct. >> jimmy: let's have another one just for the hell of it to see if you guys -- have any of you seen "star wars"? [ laughter ] >> i studied for it. >> jimmy: you studied for this. well, you failed. >> what talking bay in moss isley housed the millennium falcon? >> oh. i know that. somewhere. >> jimmy: you have ten seconds. >> what was it? >> jimmy: the question again. >> what docking bay in moss isley housed the millennium falcon? >> 3. >> docking bay 94. >> that is correct. [ applause ] >> jimmy: i think this game is over, and i think we have a winner, and i think his name is arden. [ cheers and applause ] for your efforts tonight, we have a very special collection of gifts for you. we got you -- arden. a whole wheelbarrow full of stuff. you want to come look at it? so all the stuff in the
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and the cast and j.j. signed the [ applause ] so nicely done. and you get to take r2-d2 and [ applause ] arden hayes, everybody. thanks to j.j. we'll be right back.
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p >> jimmy: i want to thank adam, daisy, john, and carrie. i want to thank the director j.j. abrams. thank you guys all so much. our storm troopers. r2-d2, harrison ford, chewbacca. apologies to matt damon. the way. >> thanks. >> jimmy: how do you think those other guys did? >> pretty good. >> jimmy: pretty good. but wait a minute. they didn't get any of the answers. are you just being nice right now? thanks for watching. "nightline" is next. good night.
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this is a special edition of "nightline." brave face. >> tonight, he's the courageous former firefighter. pat hardison's face severely burned in the line of duty. tonight, we're there with the pioneering surgical team determined to restore one man's brave face. one family's tragic loss and their profound generosity is the ray of hope this family's been but the odds of survival just 50-50. his first look in the mirror. and the tearful family reunion 14 years in the making. a hero's homecoming. smile. >> that's great. >> announcer: this special
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edition of "nightline," "brave face," will be right back.
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